Friday, May 25, 2012

Voila! The Perfect Chemise

After 10 years of buying lingerie there are still a few things that we struggle with. Should we carry swimsuits or not? What about Halloween costumes? By far the most talked about issue is where do we find a good chemise with support. Customers ask for this constantly but when we buy a chemise with a built in bra-like top, nobody wants it. 
Voila! Cosabella does it again. The Never Say Never Babydoll is the solution. Take the stretch lace Never Say Never Sweetie bra and combine it with the sheer Soire chemise. No underwire, no molded cups but plenty of support. This chemise has it all. We are so excited to have it in stock that we have already ordered more.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Knock Out Panties- they don’t call them Smart Panties for nothing!

Heading towards warm weather presents a panty challenge for women. From workouts to bike rides to everyday activities, g Boutique is always on the lookout for game-changing solutions. The newest addition to our panty repertoire are as practical as they are sexy.  Knock outs have a patented technology in the liner. It’s an effective barrier between you and your summer whites that absorbs unmentionables. It’s unique 100% cotton liner enables cotton fabric to wick moisture away from the body, pulling it to the outer side of the liner, dispersing it, and not allowing it to move back towards the body. They’re also wicked cute and comfy, not bulky like you may be thinking.
We have them in an array of spring colors and styles that will keep you fresh all year long.
Stop by the store to try a pair. 

Marisa D. @ g

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Party Season-Buying the Perfect Bachelorette Gift

Warm weather, pedicure dates & outside patio happy hours are all greeting you this Spring! Well, one other reminder it's a new season is that your mailbox is overflowing with wedding invitations! Some from your family members, one from your high school best friend and another from your boyfriend's brother's girlfriend (you honestly wouldn't be offended if you didn't get that invite).

Well, after all the congratulation phone calls and the celebratory drinks, you begin to feel an emotion other than happiness for the future bride. Stress! As you begin to remember that your only responsibility isn't just to find a chic dress, attend the wedding and dance the night away at the reception but you now have to go gift shopping as well. You have the wedding gift, the shower gift but you forgot all about the bachelorette gift! No worries, g boutique to the rescue! Ok, check out these 3 easy points that will have you kick your stress to the curb!

Bestie, Buddy or Associate- One key point that you need to consider before purchasing a Bachelorette gift is how well you know the bride? Once you think about your relationship with her it will give you a range of what's appropriate and what's not. If she's your best friend from 1st grade and you guys been through thousands of break ups, endless Saturday nights laughing on the couch and you were the first person she called when he proposed, the sky is the limit!. You know her inside and out so picking out a vibrating cock ring and some crotchless panties may be the perfect gift! On the other hand if you do not know the bride too well, I would go easy on personal or naughty gifts. The last thing you want to do is have her unwrap a pair of nipple clamps in front of her conservative mother-in-law to be and her younger cousin.

All About Range- So. let's face it. Even though weddings are fun filled and love surrounds them, they become pricey! From the dresses to the traveling costs, the last thing you want to do is go into debt over a friend's wedding. So one piece of advice you should use is to set a price range and stick with it! I know as women we can get a little nosey and ask how much others paid for their gift but you can have a fab gift without breaking the bank. Set a range that is comfortable for you and your pockets. If your budget doesn't seem like its working, call a friend and go in together. Remember, it is really about the celebration not the gift. This way you can actually enjoy giving the gift and not grudgingly calculate in your mind how much you spent on her when you hand over your present.

It's All About "You Know Who"- Last but not least just remember it's all about the bride! Yes, it's her day so try to get as much info on her before you go shopping. From sizes to color choices, do a little research so you're not completely in the dark when it comes to her taste! Once you know what she prefers, ask one of the g girls for suggestions. We will help you purchase the best gift that she'll absolutely adore!

Ellisa Oyewo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keeping Us Together For 10 Years

Springtime! Backless, strapless, low cut, one shoulder...It is the season for fashion faux pas and we are on a mission to change that.

You don't need movie star magic or expensive designer tricks, just some great little products created by Fashion Fairy Godmothers, Marni and Jane from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. For 10 years these ladies have conceived and designed magical solutions to help women feel confident and look fabulous regardless of the cut they are wearing. Hollywood Fashion Tape, Breast Lift Tape and Bra Converting Clips are available at g boutique to help with those barely there spring tops and slinky strapless dresses.
Want something a little sexy but need to wear it all day. No problem. Cosabella has a flirty lace bandeau that can go from the office suit to a romantic picnic in the park. Go ahead, get reacquainted with your spring wardrobe and let g take care of the rest.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yes Sir

At Sir Richard’s Condom Company, we believe the power of business can help bring health and pleasure to the global community.

How can you argue with that mission statement! We are all about safer sex. One of the easiest ways to promote safer sex is to use a condom! The problem is finding a condom that is well-made, comfortable and feels good when you use it. Well, we did it. Sir Richard’s has passed the g girl’s test and the entire line is now available at g boutique and at Not only is this Colorado-based company dedicated to safer sex for you, but they want safer sex for everyone. For every condom you buy, they donate a condom to someone in a developing country. If that’s not enough to make you go “Ooh!”, then take a gander at these other great features:

*Made from 100% natural latex
*Lubricant is free of glycerin, parabens, or spermicide
*AVA Vegan certified! Free of casein (dairy product)
*Minimal latex odor

These premium condoms also come in an assortment of styles and sizes:

*Ultra Thin
*Classic Ribbed
*Pleasure Dots
*Extra Large
*Collection Pack (Ultra Thin, Classic Ribbed, and Pleasure Dots)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Save Room For Dessert

That special guy asked you to dinner at your favorite restaurant for Saturday night. You search your wardrobe for the world’s greatest “little black dress.” Unfortunately the winter cozy wear has hidden those extra inches. What to do? A quick visit to G Boutique and the problem is solved. The g girls will show you Cosabella’s Never Say Never elegant sophisticated lace shapewear that is not only comfortable, but incredibly sexy. Designed to lay extremely flat and snug to the body these high-waisted thongs or bikinis are meant to be seen. A perfect fit for a romantic night out, so have a beautiful evening, a lovely dinner and maybe even an awesome dessert!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love in the Second Grade

My son is 8 years old and in “crush”. “Maybe one day, when we’re really older, like 20 or something, we can kiss on the lips and get married,” he tells me. “But right now, what do I do?” He sadly laments the trials and tribulations of a second grader in love. Here I am, giving advise to grown ups all day without hesitation and when I listen to him, I am overcome with emotion and fear that I will not say the right thing.

Believe it or not, I have been practicing for this. I have a plan. Show him how to respect and honor women, teach him to admire the beauty of strength and intelligence, let him express his own feelings…. I’m afraid it doesn’t always go as planned. You see an 8 year old boy is 100% emotional truth. First love is fearless and deep and if she isn’t nice to him, it breaks my heart.

Should he talk to her, when should he talk to her? He knows he can’t touch her but he just wants to pat her on the shoulder and say “good job.” She agreed to play with him at recess, she told him to go away at gym. My heart is traveling with him on this emotional roller coaster.

After a week of advice, I have learned to be quiet and listen. This, I believe, is the best gift I can give my son. I believe it is the best gift you can give to any relationship. When you listen with your whole body, you encourage open, honest communication and growth. Hopefully, if I listen to him, he will find his own answers and follow his own path in life and love.

**What do kids think about love? Check out this article on

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